New Project: MangCode


is an all in one DVD/Blu-Ray mastering program done completely open-source! We aim to be able to provide Hollywood quality mastering by the time the Mango Open Movie Project is completed. So far we plan to use the following open-source projects and expand from there:

  • FFmpeg
  • Mencoder
  • Mplayer
  • x264
  • XDesigner

We are still trying to get in contact with DivX and see if they will let us encode using FFmpegX commercially for free but so far no news as such. We also plan to further help/develop FFmpeg along the way as well as Blenders internal Video Rendering presets. MangCode will live in the same blog but updates will be posted ONLY in its own Category! We are aiming this project to be mainly community involved so you guys get a feeling how all this stuff works. We have got some existing scripts the blender foundation has used for Sintel and we need your advice to help get them as high quality as possible and encoding as quick as possible as well as writing entirely new scripts for new formats :-) We also have plans for audio presets so if you have any experience in audio encoding (especially Dolby) please send me an email (my email is this blogs admin email ;-) )

Link to existing encode scripts (Note: They are for Linux =D)


will be an all in one dedicated audio encoding suite. More information will be here soon ;)